Crochet Patterns

Crochet Patterns and General Information

Although crochet underwent a decline in popularity, we have recently seen a revival of interest from our members.

All of our supported charities are very grateful to receive the items we send them and are very happy to accept crocheted items. A lot of the items that we currently knit could also be crocheted.

We would like to encourage members to do more than the basic Granny square and a selection of easy to crochet patterns are given below.

Our patterns are now in sections to make it easier for you to find the one you want.
Patterns beginning:

    0 - Information Sheets
    A - Adult patterns
    AC - Accessories
    B - Baby
    BL - Blankets
    C - Children's
    F - Flowers
    H - Hospital
    S - Sailors
    T - Toys

    Click on a picture to download/view the file.

    0 Blanket Sizes
    AC10 Lacy triangular shawl
    B03 Double Diamond Motif Square
    Cream Egg Crochet Chick
    F03 Poppy - crocheted
    H03 Crochet Twiddlemuffs (Sensory Bands)
    H04 - Glo’s no twiddles textured crochet sensory band
    T15 Operation Christmas Child - Bobble Sheep